Adelaide Blair is a project-based artist whose research-centered practice allows her to interact with and learn about the world. Her work involves publishing, printmaking, web design, needlework, drawing, writing, performance, and filmmaking. She is also interested in distributed intelligence and how people make art together, and many of her projects involve elements of collaboration or participation. Her subject matter has included ghosts, artificial intelligence, the Greek tragedy Philoctetes, reproductive terms used in printmaking, the Dirty War in Argentina, and networks of corruption in the contemporary art world. She has a substack newsletter, where she mostly writes about the financialization of art, but also uses that space for experimental artmaking and other forms of art writing.

Originally from Southern Oregon, Adelaide currently resides in Seattle, Washington. She has a BFA from Southern Oregon University, an MBA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business, and an MFA from The Pacific Northwest College of Art.