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Welcome to the landing page for my business school simulation where I explained how the financialization of the upper end of the contemporary art market works so people can understand how it affects their everyday lives - from shrinking tax bases to what they see in museums and popular media. I sent twice-a-month substack newsletters, and, over the ten months of the project, readers were able to participate in three smaller simulations, an online art show, and a case study. I used one network (the folks participating in the project) to examine and reflect another network (the contemporary art market.)

What was the purpose of all this besides fun? The top end of the contemporary art market is a smallish group of very rich people who come together to trade objects and money amongst themselves. By reflecting that activity through simulations, we came together to create a different kind of network and a different kind of art. All of us - the people who subscribed to the newsletter or followed on Instagram - made this art happen.

To get more details about Welcome to Business School please check out the project wrap-up here.

Here is the conclusion to my MFA thesis, which sums up my thoughts about the contemporary art market.

Welcome to Business School