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Object #8: Interference:Trees

STOP! This blog entry will make more sense if you have received object #8.

Object Notes:

Print: This lil two-color screenprint was printed on white Stonehenge paper. The blue background color was custom made using acrylic paint, white ink, and screenprinting medium from Golden, and the black is straight from the container. The first layer is made using a circular halftone pattern, but the black layer was rasterized using the Stochaster App. I lowered the lines per inch a ton in order to have the pattern dominate rather than recede into the background.

I started out taking dreamy night pictures of trees - using them as metaphors for the loneliness I was feeling during COVID isolation by heightening their strangeness. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about interference, which is something you have to consider when making CMYK screenprints. When you are overlaying regular patterns (in this case halftone patterns for each color) you can get unintentional weird patterns in the finished product caused by interference - also known as moire. (Sometimes you can even get moire from the relationship between your halftone image and the screen you burn it on because the screen is made from a woven fabric which has - you guessed it - a regular pattern.) I have also been thinking about interference as a way to describe the interruptions in my daily life caused by social media and the endless news cycle. I've been taking my photos of trees and playing with different forms of interruptions to recreate the feeling I have of never being able to look at anything clearly anymore.

Pamphlet: This little booklet is laser printed on white 70lb Cogar paper from Dotmar. I wanted everyone to have a nice little original print for participating in my mail art research project but thought it might be helpful to explain what a fine art print/edition is. Of course I veered of into fraudulent uses of the term, BECAUSE I LOVE TALKING ABOUT FRAUD AND FORGERIES AND BUSINESS SCANDALS IN THE ART WORLD. Love it.

This is the last object for this mail art cycle. I hope you had some fun! I did. Thank you so much for participating!

Object 8: Interference: Trees Blog Entry

Blog post for the last mail art items in the series, Interference: Trees and Don't Buy Prints on Cruises.