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Welcome to Love and Reproduction (Not About Babies)

Hi All!

Welcome to my new mail art project, Love and Reproduction. This blog will serve as a home base for the digital components, so bookmark it. (Or you can ask me for the link at any time.)

What is this project about?

This project is about the idea of love and reproduction in art. As a printmaker, I think a lot about copies, originals, multiples, duplication, replication, fakes, and repetition. These things are central to the work I do, but I haven't really taken the time to do more in-depth research or really solidify my thinking on the matter. So it's time for research, and since I think better when writing/making things, I am going to write/make things. I am also exploring different ways to show/distribute/create community with art, and while I've done mail art before, I've never done anything this complex. So thanks for participating! You're helping me learn a lot of things.

What exactly is it?

There are 4 components to this project

1) Research - This is me reading and looking at things. You probably won't see a lot of this unless I run across something really cool I want to share.

2) Mail Art - I will be creating an object about once a month and mailing it to you. It could be a booklet, a card, an invitation, etc.

3) Online - There will be a QR code or a link on all of the objects that will take you to a youtube video, a text game, or some other optional online experience related to the subject of that object.

4) Blog - This blog will have all the links in case your QR code or link doesn't work. It will also have info about what I am linking to, as well as details about how the object was made, and maybe some thoughts about my research.

What do you have to do?

You will get a thing in the mail. I hope you will interact with it, but no one will know if you just recycle it. All online things will be optional. There is no test, although if you are a fellow PNCA student, I hope you will give feedback in critique. You can also email me at any time or add a comment on the blog. This is meant to be fun, not arduous or time-consuming, so do as much or as little as you want. Thanks again! (Some people have asked about mailing me back stuff. I love getting mail, so you can absolutely do that if you want.)

Introduction: Welcome to Love and Reproduction (Not About Babies)
Blog Entry

Introductory blog post to explain the project.